Use & Healing

White Lotus oil‘s purifying and protective virtues has a lot to offer the therapist.
Lotus can be added to an aromatic bath or a massage blend, or diffused in the air.
As lotus oil is very intense on its own, it could also be diluted or blended with lighter essential oils.
Lotus essential oils can be added to any lotions or skin care cosmetics or homemade soaps to get its benefits next to your skin. Some people like to wear the blended lotus oil as a perfume. You only need to add a few drops to a small handful of unscented body lotion or cold cream to get the full benefits.

Making scented water mist? Take a plant spray container or a facial mist bottle, fill it with water (or purified water for facial spray) and add 2 drops of lotus oil, (a drop of neroli and tuberose oil each for blending suggestions) and spray in the air or face regularly; as well as gently perfuming the room and body, this will keep the air and your skin humidified/moist.
Aromatic bath & Massage blends? Choose a special carrier oil, perhaps Camellia oil (Camellia oleifera or sesanqua) or macerated lime flower oil (these oils softens the skin and protects from effects of the weather and said to offer protection from UV rays). Then add 5 drops of White Lotus oil, ( 2 drops of neroli and frankincense-Oman each for blending suggestions) to 50 ml of carrier oil.