White Lotus Absolute Candle












Each candle is hand poured and made using  cleanest- sustainably farmed 100% natural soy wax, lead free cotton wicks and contains 100% pure absolute ‘white lotus’ essential oil.
Healing energy of the natural soy plant and the white lotus aroma is infused and activated to enhance inner and outer heath while gently filling any room with ambience, opulence and positive energy.

Soy candles produce approximately a tenth of the soot produced by a comparably sized paraffin candle and do not contain any of the toxic chemicals. It also have the benefit of burning at a lower temperature lasting for 30% longer than comparable paraffin candles. Lina Bada Candles are handmade to order, so there is virtually no waste at all in the production process.
Candles made from only soy wax and essential oils creates natural and gentle aroma and fills any room with positive energy.
Soy candles are safe and clean and perfect for families with small children as it is paraffin and toxic free.

Lina Bada’s unique signature aroma of lotus flower reflects depth, richness, and calmness.
Inspirational Lotus fragrance is perfectly suited for meditation, relaxing, creating pleasurable environment, enriching moods while bringing warmth, ambience and opulence.

Effect of White Lotus aroma: Tranquility/Calmness/Relaxation, Good sleep, Well being, Recovery from fatigue ( Effective Amino Acid, Alkaloid, Lignin which is contained in Lotus flower).


190g / 6.7oz