Scent of Lotus

The changes this oil undergoes are exceptional. First impression of the White Lotus oil is of diving far too deep in the pond and emerging with the smell and sense of silt on the skin.  After about ten minutes the pungent earthy notes wash away by a clear crisp accord.  It is as if one witnesses lotus blossom unfolding slowly, little by little allowing one to smell the subtle floral heart.

Unlike Pink and Blue Lotuses, this one makes you wait for its magic to become evident.  Certainly the wait is worth it.

Its use for perfumery is to add a dark mysterious note, or to ground more delicate floral notes.  As the oil dries down, it slowly veils its floral aspect once again with soft notes. It holds a scent of complexity – top, middle and base notes present. White Lotus Absolute oil is an authentic perfume created by nature..

The scent overall is therapeutic and emotional as it fills one with serenity and clarity.