Absolute Essential Oils


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100% Pure White Lotus (absolute) oil – Nelumbo nucifera from India, wild harvested, distilled from flowers.
The rare and captivating fragrance of PURE White Lotus Essential Oil comes to us from India.
Lotus essential oil is one of the more rare and expensive of aromatherapy oils available.
However, a little goes a long way. If you store the lotus essential oil in a dark vial and keep out of direct heat or sunlight, it should be good for two or three years.

Method of extraction: Solvent extracted.
Plant part: Flower.
Country of Origin: India.
Extra Info: An Absolute may come in the form of either a solid perfume, a semi-solid or a highly viscous liquid. It is the material extracted from the plant by way of solvent extraction. This produces a concrete which is made up of fats, waxes, essential oils & other plant matter. The Absolute is then extracted from the concrete by way of using ethanol (alcohol) as a solvent.
Aromatic Notes: floral, warm aroma, exotic, slightly herbaceous
Common Uses: calming and soothing, said to possess aphrodisiac properties
Cosmetic Uses: slows signs of aging, perfect for perfumery
Precautions: avoid during first trimester pregnancy
Application—-Fine Perfumery, Cosmetics and Aromatherapy

3ml / 0.1fl.oz