Prologue to the Sacred Lotus

“If somehow one can maintain a serene spirit so sublimely embodied in the lotus blossom prior to unfolding, if somehow the mind can be touched by the wisdom of lotus rising to bloom on a stately stalk in its unassuming manner, and revealing the golden radiance which always exists in the heart, then just as the unfolding petals of the lotus release their fragrance into the morning air- so fresh, dignified, and pure, so can one release the fragrance of bliss, true self, love, kindness and forgiveness into the environment in which one live.”

When the word “lotus” is spoken, when this mysterious flower is beheld,  it creates in the mind an image of perfect beauty.
Whether its color is blue, pink or white, the same elegant form presents itself. As it stands serenely in the early morning before the dawn rays cause its petal to unfold, Its dignified pose reminds of the palms placed together as when people greet each other in India and other Eastern countries. This graceful flower reminds one of calmness and depth.